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Please complete the application with all information required to ensure that this application will go through the lottery process on March 2, 2024. All information entered must be accurate and will be reviewed prior to the lottery. Falsifications, misrepresentations, or omissions may disqualify your application. The lottery for the 2024-2025 school year will take place on March 2nd. Please note that the application will close on February 27th at 4 pm.

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Por favor complete la solicitud con toda la información requerida para asegurarse de que esta solicitud pase por el proceso de lotería en el 2 marzo 2024. Toda la información ingresada debe ser precisa y será revisada antes de la lotería. Las falsificaciones, tergiversaciones u omisiones pueden descalificar su solicitud. La lotería del 2024-2025 se llevará a cabo el 2 marzo. Por favor note que la fecha límite para someter una solicitud será el 27 de febrero a las 4 pm.

Student Information

School Information
(You can type 'First Year' if you are applying for Pre-K/Kindergarten and currently not enrolled in any Pre-K program)
(You can type 'First Year' if you are applying for Pre-K/Kindergarten and currently not enrolled in any Pre-K program)
Primary Parent Information
Secondary Parent Information
Students who are identified as economically disadvantaged will receive two chances in the lottery while students who are not identified as economically disadvantaged will only receive one chance in the lottery. Families that can document at least one of the following will be eligible for an additional chance in the lottery:
  • The child lives in Garfield, Lodi, or Hackensack public housing.
  • The child lives in Garfield, Lodi, or Hackensack Section 8 housing.
  • The child or guardian qualifies for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits.
  • The child already qualifies for a free or reduced price lunch in their current public school.

I/We hereby certify that, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, the answers to the foregoing questions and statements made by me/us in this application are complete and accurate. I/We understand that any false information or misrepresentations of facts may result in rejection of this application or future dismissal of the applicant. Yo / Nosotros certificamos que la información declarada en esta aplicación es verdadera, correcta y completa, y las preguntas y declaraciones anteriores hechas por mi / nosotros en esta aplicación están completas y exactas. Yo / Nosotros entendemos que cualquier información falsa o mala representación de los hechos pueden resultar en el rechazo de esta aplicación o el futuro despido del solicitante.